Learn to use your DSLR camera in manual mode & take photos you love

in 6 weeks 

without traveling to an in-person class, becoming overwhelmed, or not feeling "techy" enough

If you’re a mom who owns a DSLR camera or is thinking about buying one and you want to be able to confidently use it to take pictures you love, then you already know that you need to use it in manual mode in order to take advantage of its full potential. 

I’ll spare you the spiel. No need to repeat what you’ve been telling yourself every time you pass the shelf where your camera’s collecting dust. You already know that you could be taking much better photos if you just knew how to use it out of auto mode. This is probably why you chose to buy a DSLR camera in the first place.

Here's What You

Might Not Know

about taking photos in manual mode

  • You'll be able to catch your family’s big and small moments.

    When the next birthday party rolls around or your senior is graduating, when your baby girl takes her first steps or your family finally takes that vacation, you’ll be able to catch it all through your lens.

  • You'll feel confident when you pick up your camera.

    Finally feel completely confident when you turn your camera on and flip it into manual mode. Know exactly what settings to dial in to get the photo you love.
  • You'll finally be taking full advantage of what your camera can do.

    Feel like the money you spent on your camera was actually worth it because you know how to use it to take photos above and beyond what your phone can give you.
  • Stop feeling like the only way to get a decent picture is to book another session with your photographer.

    Photographers are important. (I mean, I am one!)  In fact, you love your family photographer. But it's just not feasible to book several sessions a year with her. Plus, it'd be really nice to just be able to catch those everyday moments with something better than the camera on your phone.
  • You'll really love your photos

    When you’re scrolling through your photos at the end of the day, feel proud that you took them!  They’re sharp, in focus, and perfectly capture what your family’s all about.

Even though the reasons to learn to use your DSLR camera are obvious, the path to doing it successfully is anything but.

Shoot in manual mode? Great, but where in the world do I start? Perhaps you’ve even given it a real try before. 


Don't Drown in a Sea of Information

Follow a step-by-step plan instead

You’ve Googled “how to use my camera in manual mode” just to land on page after page of tutorials, blog posts, or videos showing different approaches and ended up down a rabbit-hole with still no idea of where to start. 


If you’re brave, you may have even opened your camera’s user manual….and quickly shut it after getting completely confused with the first paragraph.


Maybe you’ve asked a friend “who takes really good pictures” how to use your camera and she gave you a couple of tips, but as soon as she left, you looked down at your camera with all of those buttons and numbers and had no idea what to do next, wondering if maybe you messed something up.


Even with the best intentions and a never-ending Google results list of instructions, most new camera owners flip it back to auto mode and call it “good enough”.


Don’t drown in the sea of information.


Here’s why most moms who buy DSLR cameras with intentions of learning how to use it, abandon it all together. It’s not for lack of information. There’s plenty. But cobbling it all together into something that makes sense is tricky.


They try one approach and get stuck, so they move onto another approach just to get stuck again. 


Once in awhile they’ll have an “aha” moment and figure something out, but aren’t sure how it fits into the bigger picture of shooting in manual mode, so they eventually give up all together and set the camera back down, regretting that they spent so much money on it in the first place.


Luckily for you, learning how to use a DSLR camera is not actually rocket science. There is a clear method to the madness and you’re totally capable of learning it. 


That means that even if your camera has been collecting dust for years or hasn’t seen another mode since it hit “auto”, you can start learning how to confidently use it today.

The 3 Reasons Why Most People Fail to Learn to Use Their Camera in Manual Mode

Reason #1

They get bogged down in the technical side of things.

DSLR cameras are like small computers in your hands...only a lot less intuitive. When you look at the screen, there are numbers, fractions, icons, and dials. It can feel like a code you’re supposed to crack. It’s easy to tell yourself that you’re not “techy” enough or that it’s all just too much.

But all of those numbers and icons don’t have to be scary. Once you learn exactly what each one means and what it’s telling you, the whole process seems a lot less intimidating.

Reason #2

They don't have a solid foundation.

Like most things, the skills needed to use your camera build upon each other. The problem with random Google searches is that you might learn how to completely master one piece, but not have any clue how it fits into the bigger puzzle you’re putting together. 

Instead, you must approach learning your camera like any other new skill and build a solid foundation first, carefully building upon it with one new piece of information at a time.

Reason #3 

They don't approach it like they would any other new skill.

Have you ever learned an instrument? How about a dance routine or a new language? What’s the one thing you had to do in order to master any of these skills? You had to practice.

You knew this when you attended your first music or dance or language lesson. You counted in the time and commitment it would take after class. But how much have you set aside to intentionally practice using your camera in manual mode each day? Most would say little to none. 

Once you start approaching learning your camera like you would any other new skill you’ve committed to learning, suddenly it seems possible to make progress quickly.

Shh...I'm going to let you in on a little secret

Even though many, many moms will attempt to learn how to use their DSLR camera in order to photograph their family, the majority will fail and not return to it. 


The manuals cameras come with are confusing, the information online is not laid out in a clear way, and the tech part seems overwhelming. 


Most will flip back to Auto mode or, worse, let the camera collect dust and file it in the “buyers remorse” column.

But learning to use your camera in manual mode is totally doable. We know that it’s not rocket science. You just need someone to lay out a step-by-step guide to get you there, laying a firm foundation of the basics and then adding just one new idea at a time until you have a well-rounded, full view of the big picture and how all the pieces came together. With your permission, I’d like to show you how I can help.

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Digital Camera Academy

The step-by- step system teaching moms how to confidently use their DSLR cameras and take photos they love.

I’ve taken everything I’ve learned from earning 2 degrees in education, teaching for 10 years, and running a profitable photography business and put it into a comprehensive, step-by-step program that not only teaches you how to use your camera, but how to take photos you really love. 


Digital Camera Academy isn’t so much lists of  “how-to's” as it is a complete system that takes you from the very basics (holding your camera correctly) to the more complex and nuanced aspects of photography (shooting in manual mode and using compositional elements to up-level your photos).

Digital Camera Academy is the first program of its kind that is built with moms in mind. No filler, no unnecessary modules, and no complicated terminology. It teaches you how to use your camera in full manual mode, confidently prioritize your camera settings, and take photos of your family that you’re proud of. 


Since Digital Camera Academy is an implementation program, you’ll be taking time to practice your new skills and celebrating your progress along the way. Not only do I make it dead simple, but I take nothing for granted and really go step-by-step to make sure you learn to use your camera with confidence.

Here's how I'll help you get here:

Module 1

Getting to Know Your Camera

Let’s start at the very beginning. Forget everything you’ve learned before, what you think you know, or what questions you’re forming in your mind. 


In this module, you’ll pick up that fancy camera of yours and start getting comfy with it. How to hold it, how to tell what sensor type you have, finally understanding what all of those different lens options are for, and figuring out where to find important buttons and dials. When you’re finished, you’re going to feel a lot less intimidated by your camera.

Module Highlights:

  • Learn how to hold your camera like a pro.
  • Understand what type of camera you have.
  • Discover different types of lenses and why you might use each one.
Module 2

AISing Your Camera

Now that you’re feeling good with that camera in your hands, let’s dive in deep to the 3 basics of photography: Aperture, ISO, and Shutter Speed. This is the biggest module, packed with great learning and practice activities that leave you nodding your head as you feel the pieces dropping into place.


Module Highlights:

  • Learn the 3 major principles of photography.
  • Deep dive into each principle and how it will affect the pictures you take.
  • Learn how to tell your camera exactly where to focus.
Module 3

Putting on Training Wheels

You’ve got the 3 big ideas down, but now it’s time to start implementing what you’ve learned. In this module, I’m going to reveal what I like to call the “training wheel modes” on your camera and how to use them to isolate and practice just one new skill at a time.

Module Highlights:

  • Find your camera's "training wheel modes" .
  • Begin using each mode as you practice the principles we learned in Module 2.
  • Follow along with specific, step-by-step homework exercises to deepen your understanding.
Module 4

Mastering Manual Mode

You’ve done all the heavy lifting. You’ve taken time to learn the principles and have even practiced them one by one. It’s time to take what you’ve learned and turn that camera to manual mode. You’ll be setting your shooting priorities and coming along as I share walk through my own mindset while shooting. What questions do I ask myself? What decisions do I make? What settings do I change? You’re in control now and you’re ready.


Module Highlights:

  • Take off the training wheels and switch your camera (and your mindset) over to full manual mode.
  • Follow along as I walk you through my exact though process when shooting in manual mode.
  • Use guided exercises to practice shooting independently.
Module 5

Up-Leveling Your Photos

Now that you understand how your camera works and you’re growing more and more confident in manual mode, it’s time to learn how to add in compositional elements to totally up-level your photos. I’ll teach you about the rule of thirds, filling the frame, layering, and more. This is where you take your photos from “okay” to “amazing”!

Module Highlights:

  • Find out how you can add simple compositional elements to completely change the look of your photos.
  • Use my pro tips to leave your friends wondering how you got that amazing photo.
  • Deepen your learning with example photos and reference guides.
Module 6

Celebrate Your Success

You’ve done it! You trusted me to get you here, committed to the course, and practiced until your arms were sore from holding up that camera. In this module, we’ll look back at all you’ve learned and celebrate being able to confidently use your DSLR camera in manual mode and take photos that you absolutely love.

Module Highlights:

  • Look back at how far you've come since you began in Module 1. 
  • Identify areas that need continued practice.
  • Celebrate your success and share your before/after photos!

30 Day Promise


Digital Camera Academy is the most intuitive, step-by-step implementation program for moms who are excited and committed to learning how to use their DSLR cameras in manual mode & take photos they love. 


When you join, you’ll have access to the first 2 modules immediately. By the end of these 14 days, you’ll have received training on the basics of your camera and the 3 most important principles of photography. You’ll have had an opportunity to download the reference sheets and practice.

If you don’t feel totally confident that you’ll be able to use your camera in manual mode by the end of this course, simply reach out to [email protected], show us you’ve put in the work, and we’ll refund your investment.

Here’s what you’re getting when you enroll today:

[Title of Course] - X$ Value

  • Bonus 1 - X$ Value
  • Bonus 2 - X$ Value
  • Bonus 3 - X$ Value

Total Value: X$

When you add it all up, that’s a value of $X

But when you enroll today, you’ll get access to everything for just:

Pay Monthly

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Questions Top Students Ask Before Enrolling:

Nope! Any DSLR will work. I’ll be teaching you the principles of photography and what settings you need to adjust , why, and how. There’s a good chance that each of our cameras look a little different. But that’s ok! I’ll show you how I make adjustments on my camera to give you an idea of where to find it on yours + I’ll tell you exactly what to search for online if you need extra help for where to find something.

I’m so glad you asked!  (This is why you’re going to love the online platform.)

Each of the 6 modules should take you approx. two hours to finish. When you enroll, you’ll immediately have access to the first two modules, then I will release one new module per week. This allows us to pace together. I’ll be popping in the private FB group to answer questions and you can get support from your other classmates who are in the same module. 

But (this is the best part), you don't have to travel anywhere to attend class and you’ll have lifetime access to the course! That means that you’ll always be able to return and watch or re-watch lessons on your own time. If you have a particularly busy week and are not able to keep at a 1 module/week pace, no problem. Do what works for you!

No! I specifically made this course with other moms in mind. I know you’ve got more important things to worry about than correctly identifying the inner-workings of your camera. You just want to know how to work it! You’re not getting a degree in photography here, just learning what you absolutely need to know in order to shoot in manual mode and get photos you love. Nothing more.

No, you’ll just need your camera and one lens. (The one it came with is fine.) We will not be learning about flash and a tripod or other equipment is not necessary for this course.   

As a teacher, I know that all good students have questions. It’s part of how we learn. So I’m making myself available to answer your questions via live Q&A session in our private Facebook group. I will post a link for you to use when submitting your questions so that I can access them before our live sessions. 


I also encourage you to use your fellow classmates as a resources. Jump in the FB group to ask questions and offer support where you can as well.

Absolutely! When you sign up, you’ll be immediately added as a student to my course and will receive an email with your login information and details for accessing your course dashboard where you’ll find your 6 module course. Each module is broken down into several smaller lessons.


The course can also be accessed via a free mobile app if you prefer to watch on your phone or tablet.


You’ll get immediate access to the first 2 modules. After that, I will be releasing 1 new module each Monday, (beginning with module 3).  


In each module, you’ll have a video to watch + any support documents that are available to download (checklists, guides, reference sheets, diagrams, etc.). You can also download the audio if you find that helpful. 


In addition, you’ll be added to an exclusive private FB group. Join a community of other moms just like you who are learning how to use their DSLR cameras. Ask questions, share your wins, and support each other! 


You’ll be invited to Q&A sessions with me in our private FB group as you move through the modules so that I can answer any questions that you may have.

Here’s what you’re getting when you enroll today:

[Title of Course] - X$ Value

  • Bonus 1 - X$ Value
  • Bonus 2 - X$ Value
  • Bonus 3 - X$ Value

Total Value: X$

When you add it all up, that’s a value of $X

But when you enroll today, you’ll get access to everything for just:

Pay Monthly

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Pay Upfront

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Digital Camera Academy is perfect for you if...

  1. You just purchased a brand new DSLR camera and want to know how to fully take advantage of it and take photos that you absolutely love.
  2. You’ve had your camera for years, but it’s always on Auto mode or you pass it up altogether in favor of your phone because you don’t know how to use your camera in manual mode anyway.
  3. You’re smart, capable, and ready to get the direction you need in order to learn how to use your camera. After all, you’ve aced plenty of other courses in your lifetime.
  4. You’re willing to put in the time and practice to hone a new skill. You know it’s going to take commitment, but you’re ready.
  5. You don’t have time in your busy schedule to find a local, in-person photography class and travel downtown each week to attend, hoping that you remember everything you heard since you won’t have access to it again later.
  6. You’ve already tried to figure out your camera in manual mode through tutorials, blog posts, and videos you found online.
  7. You’re afraid that it’s all too complicated and the tech side scares you a little bit.
  8. You are excited to take photos of your family that you’re proud of and that tell your story well.
  9. You’re ready to finally understand the basics of your camera and decode all of those numbers, knobs, and lenses.
  10. You have no problem investing a couple of hours per week as long as you know every bit of energy you invest is a strategic and meaningful step forward in mastering your camera.

If you said “yes” to at least 6 of the above, I can’t wait to meet you inside Digital Camera Academy.

Here’s what you’re getting when you enroll today:

Digital Camera Academy - X$ Value

  • Bonus 1 -Access to a private Facebook group for Digital Camera Academy students only $ Value
  • Bonus 2 - A free app to download to your phone with important reminders about what you've learned. X$ Value
  • Bonus 3 -Exclusive LIVE Facebook Q & A sessions with Emily inside the private FB group. X$ Value

Total Value: X$

When you add it all up, that’s a value of $X

But when you enroll today, you’ll get access to everything for just:

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